Fashionable Sandals For Bunions Sufferers

“It’s summer again!”

The headline of my local paper seemed to scream out loud at me.

It was nothing more than a celebratory article about the reopening of the beaches.

It included full-color photos of families wading around, teens throwing footballs, and grannies reading Danielle Steele novels in their lounge chairs.

Naturally, all these folks had little to no shoes on.

Bunions Are A Struggle

For most folks, summer is the time for cute sandals; for me, I get anxious about having to wear sandals with my bunions. I don’t like wearing hot sneakers everywhere, and I certainly don’t care for flip flops.

And having bunions is not about appearances, either. The deformity of my big toe is a real pain point for me and forces me to slow down my walking on some days. I sometimes experience pain in my foot and lower back as a result of it.

I do my part to care for my bunions, including wearing sneakers recommended by my podiatrist. However, I want to shake it up a bit and wear cute sandals with my dresses and skirts.

I didn’t want to be stuck in my old sneakers all summer, so I began looking for the cutest bunion friendly sandals. Wait till you see what I came up with!

1. Yellow Comfy Orthopedic Bunion Sandals

These sandals are a great blend of casual and formal. They come in a variety of colors and go nicely with dresses, slacks, or skirts. They give your toes the freedom to move around but also cover the bunion on your big toe.

You can purchase them in sizes 4-12. The price is very reasonable. The sizing is a bit larger than usual, which is fine; it just gives me more room and comfort. Be sure you carefully view the sizing guide on this before you buy it.

They are crafted of beautiful PU leather and offer a bit of height but not too much. Thus, both shorter and taller ladies can comfortably wear these sandals. They look lovely for work or casual wear.

2. Red Air-Free Comfy Orthopedic Bunion Sandals

These sandals are offered in Euro sizes from 35-43, so be sure to view the size chart, so you find your proper size. There are four color choices. These are neutral-toned shoes that can be worn with all outfits with no fear of clashing or looking silly. These sandals are true to size fit, so convert your size and buy as you normally would.

These are also orthopedic in nature, so they offer excellent support for the feet and will keep you comfortable as you move around all day long. There are small holes in the upper of the shoe, so it breathes comfortably. If you have issues with your feet sweating or if your feet tend to smell funny after long days, these may help you out.

3. White Leopard Print Comfy Orthopedic Bunion Sandals

These sandals are quite stylish and youthful-looking without being overstated. They come in a variety of different colors, but the colors are not bright or gaudy. There is a leopard print option for when you would like a pop of pizzaz to your outfit, too.

The toe loop does an excellent job of hiding the bunion on your foot, but it also offers a bit of room, so your toe isn’t continually rubbing against the loop and irritating it further. The heel provides you a little height but not so high that you fall off balance. They are a stylish shoe that can be worn dress up or down and will keep you looking lovely during the summer months.

All in all, this is a beautiful shoe that offers support, function, and style to the woman wearing it.

4. Happy & Free Soft Comfy Orthopedic Bunion Sandals

These shoes offer great support and are stylishly imprinted with holes on the shoe’s upper. The lovely rounded back gives your heel unprecedented support, and the toe box is quite generous.

Your feet will feel happy and free in these sandals. They come in five basic colors, which look good with all outfits. These are great slip-on shoes that can be dressed up or down, whether you’re heading to a business lunch or just for a quick grocery run.

They have a cute buckle detail, which adds a nice flair to the sandal. The shoes are measured in Euro sizes, so make sure you have that down pat before ordering. Add in the fact that these are very reasonably priced, and you have a comfortable, high-quality winner for your summer wardrobe.

5. Snakeskin Print Comfy Orthopedic Bunion Sandals

These shoes are quite cute with a fun straw sole and fun colors to choose from. There is even a snakeskin print for those unique days that require a little extra fun in your outfit.

The heel adds a bit of height, and the strap in front distracts from your bunion. There is ample space for your feet to move around freely, but without showing the world, you have a bunion. The heel also offers support to your feet, making them good for moderate days of walking around or working.


Now that you have five great choices at your disposal, which of these sandals will you be wearing this summer? Each and every one of these shoes are cute, ageless, and look great on women everywhere.

Pick your favorite and get ready to enjoy the good weather with confidence in your feet! With shoes as nice as these, everyone gets to look like a million dollars, bunion, or not.